A complete set of our house rules are given to you when you enter the drive-in.



   Any time you are away from your vehicle, a face mask is required.  Please be aware that as part of our safety guidelines.


6' Distancing between guests is a must!


  Our Indoor Concession Stand Is Open! For Faster Service, Come Inside!


Other safety procedures include:

 ·         Common areas, including play area under the screen, are CLOSED.


 ·         You can put chairs in front of or behind your vehicle, or stay in your vehicle.  If you have a pick-up truck, you can sit in the bed.  If you have an SUV, you can turn it backwards into the parking spot and sit in the back.  Hatches cannot be above the height of the vehicle.

 ·        There are no group gatherings.  You must stay at or in your vehicle when not going to the concessions stand or restrooms.


·         Any line at our concession stand or restrooms must have 6-foot distancing and no more than 10 patrons in a line.

 ·         If you decide to bring your own food, you must have purchased a $5.00 outside food permit at the time you purchased your movie tickets.  Permits are on sale online as part of the online ticketing options and must be displayed on your dashboard.

 IT IS IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES!!!  It is our goal to provide our theatre community with a fun and safe movie experience.  It is absolutely vital that these social distancing guidelines be followed at all times. We will enforce these guidelines and we ask for your patience and understanding.  Should any patron not follow our guidelines, they will be asked to leave the theatre immediately without refunds.

   The smoking area is on the east side of the theater in the grassy area by the exit. 

Standard Rules

The following are just some of our house rules which are for your safety as well as others:

Sorry, no walk-ins or drop-offs. No exceptions to this rule. You must be in a vehicle. This is for your safety.

If for any reason you leave the drive-in, you will have to pay to Re-enter.

Your dog or cat is welcome, but must be on a leash at all times, and you are

responsible for their actions as well as any clean up.

We ask that all trucks, vans and other large vehicles must park at any orange posts! (No exceptions) even if you are with someone that are in a car!

Cars must park at any white posts NO EXCEPTIONS (even if you are with someone that is in a large vehicle)!

The parking policy is so a car will not have a larger vehicle parked in front of them and would not be able to see the movie. This is in effect every night of operation.

Footwear must be worn while walking on the lot.

Please obey the speed limit of 10mph !

And please watch for Children!

Drivers are responsible to make sure that all passengers are inside your vehicle before moving your vehicle or before leaving the theatre.


These rules are for your safety as well as others!

We want everyone to have a good and enjoyable time!

Skyview-The Place To Be!

Thank you, from all of the staff and management.

 Enjoy your Drive-In evening.