Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do you still have speakers?

    Yes, but only a limited number. Come early if you want a space with a speaker. We also have FM radio sound 88.5 FM that can be used both from parking spots on the ramps as well as additional parking spots in the grass. If you bring a portable radio, we recommend one with a digital tuner. There are also apps for your smart phone that allow you to receive FM.

  • Will it run my battery down if I use the FM radio sound?

    This is not likely, but it is possible with a weak battery or custom high amp car stereo. But, don’t worry because we will gladly jump your battery with our booster pack.

  • What time does the gate open?

    The box offices open approximately 60-90 minutes ahead of the start time on Friday and Saturday nights, 30-60 minutes ahead on Sunday’s, and 30-45 minutes ahead on week nights.

  • Can we bring our own food?

    Yes, whatever you want , however there is a $5 food permit fee for bringing in outside food. We do hope you will buy some food from us because our prices are much better than indoor theaters. But, if we don’t have what you want, feel free to bring in your own. Also, please take your trash back home with you.

  • Why do you play R-rated movies?

    We offer the most popular movies. Although, we prefer to play, G, PG, and PG13 movies, every year there are usually a couple of movies that are so popular, we feel that we have to show them.

  • How can we find out why the movie is rated R?

    Click the movie title on our calendar or go to the "Movie Listings" tab on our website.

  • Are you on Facebook?

    Yes and we post out schedule and other information frequently. Go to Skyview Drive-in.

  • If I have a truck or van, do I have to park in the back?

    If you are driving a mini van, suv, truck, lifted vehicle etc or your vehicle is 61" or taller you must park next to an Orange post. If your vehicle is 60" or less then you must park next to a White post. This is to help the viewing angle for everyone so no ones line of sight to the screen gets blocked.

  • Can we put our lawn chairs in the car space beside us?

    On a slow night, we have no problem with this. But on Friday and Saturday nights, and holiday nights, we are frequently very busy. On those nights, we have to ask you not to take up extra spaces. If half way through the first movie, no one has parked next to you, you can probably go ahead and put your lounge chairs in the adjacent space. The final decision, however is up to our parking control people.

  • Are you open when it is raining?

    We operate in the rain and even thunderstorms. We will run the show no matter what. Frequently, threats of rain do not materialize or the rain stops. Some people don’t mind “watching” the movie with the wipers going.

  • What is your rain check policy?

    If a thunder storm or heavy rain occurs, making it impossible for you to stay and enjoy the movie, we will give you a raincheck if you haven’t been able to see a complete movie. Be sure to hold on to your tickets. We can’t offer you a rain check if you don’t have your tickets.

  • Do you accept charge cards?

    Yes we do. You can use your plastic at the ticket office to purchase your tickets and you can also charge your food in the concession stand.

  • What day do the movies change?

    Mostly they change on Friday’s, but we are now frequently allowed to open on Thursday and also sometimes there are unusual openings because of how the Fourth of July falls. So follow us on Facebook for news of these. By the end of the day, each Wednesday, we try to have the upcoming changes for Friday posted on our website. We also post that info to those who follow us on Facebook. Also, we are posting frequently on Facebook, so like us at Skyview Drive-in.

  • How long will a movie be there?

    The newly-released movies must play a minimum of two weeks. We play a few of them longer, usually by converting them to a second feature. If you want to see the movie, you should plan on coming before the end of the second week.

  • Why do you frequently move a movie that has already played two or three weeks into the second feature slot, rather than bringing in something different?

    We try to put the strongest movies on the screen that we can get. We aren’t going to terminate a movie that is bringing in lots of people unless there is something stronger that we missed out on earlier. If there is something strong that we missed, we usually bring it in at the first opportunity.

  • Do you always play two movies?

    Yes, at least two movies. A few times a year, we will play three.

  • Can we bring Man’s best friend?

    Dogs are permitted, but we expect the dog to be well-behaved and not bark at other customers. If you walk the dog, please walk it on a leash and be sure to scoop.

  • Can we grill out?

    We do NOT permit this! Outside food is permitted with the purchase of a food permit. Please take all of your trash home with you.

  • What are your accommodations for the handicapped?

    We have a wheelchair accessible rest rooms. We do have parking spaces reserved for cars with handicap placards or a handicap license plate near the concession and rest rooms. Some spaces are van accessible. If you are hearing-impaired, we are broadcasting in FM and you could bring a digitally tuned radio with headphones and we hope that works for your impairment.

  • Is smoking permitted?

    Yes, the smoking section is on the East side of the theater near the exit in the grass. We always expect our customers to respect the rights of their neighbors and since most people do not smoke. We expect smokers to use the smoking area as to not bother others enjoyment.